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British Wildlife Guide


There are apparently 53 species of mammal in the UK although I appear to have exceeded this total with help from visitors from around the net.

According to the Mammal Trust there are 66 native mammal species in the UK

Insectivores    Native / Introduced Details
Hedgehog (European)    
Mole (European)    
Pygmy Shrew    
Common Shrew    
Water shrew    
 Scilly Shrew    
Dormouse (Common)    
Edible Dormouse Introduced  
Fat Dormouse (glis glis) INTRODUCED SPECIES  
Harvest Mouse    
House mouse    
Bank Vole    
 Orkney vole    
Hazel Dormouse    
Short tailed or field vole    
Water Vole    
Yellow necked mouse    
Wood mouse    
Squirrell (Grey) Introduced from North America INTRODUCED SPECIES  
Squirrell (Red)    
Rat (Black) Ship Rat Introduced  
Rat (Brown) Introduced  INTRODUCED SPECIES  
Rabbit and Hares    
Rabbit Introduced in middle ages INTRODUCED SPECIES  
American mink Introduced accidentally INTRODUCED SPECIES Destructive to natural wildlife.
Pine Marten    
Otter (Eurasian River)    
Badger (European)    
Wild cat    
Seals - PINNIPEDS    
Seal (common)    
Seal (Grey)    
Deer (Fallow) Introduced INTRODUCED SPECIES  
Deer (Roe)    
Deer (Red)    
Deer (Sika) Introduced from Japan in 1860 INTRODUCED SPECIES  
Deer (muntjac also known as Chinese Water deer,
Chinese Muntjac or Barking Deer)
Introduced in early 20th century INTRODUCED SPECIES  

There are 16 Bat Species in the UK

Bat Conservation Trust
Bat (lesser Horseshoe)   Rhinolophus hipposideros - Endangered
Bat (greater horseshoe)   Rhinolophus ferrumequinum - Endangered
Bat (Daubenton's)   Myotis daubentonii - Not Threatened
Bat (serotine)   Eptesicus serotinus - Vulnerable
Bat (Natterer's)   Myotis nattereri - Vulnerable
Bat (long eared)    
Bat (Noctule)   Noctule Nyctalus noctula - Vulnerable
Bat (Pipistrelle)

This is the smallest bat found in Britain. There are three species of Pipestrelle Bat,
Common pipistrelle - Pipistrellus pipistrellus, -Not Threatened

2.Soprano pipistrelle - Pipistrellus pygmaeus -Not Threatened

3.Nathusius’s pipistrelle -Pipistrellus nathusii - Rare

Bat (large mouse eared)   Myotis myotis - This was the largest bat found in Britain. Extinct in Britain since 1991.
Bat ( Whiskered Bat )   Myotis mystacinus - Vulnerable
Bat (Leislers Bat )   Nyctalus leisleri - Vulnerable
Bat ( Grey Long Eared Bat )   Plecotus austriacus - Rare
Bat (Brown Long Eared Bat )   Plecotus auritus - Not Threatened
Bat (Barbastelle Bat)   Barbastella barbastellus - Rare
Bat (Bechsteins Bat)   Myotis bechsteinii - Rare
Bat (Brandts Bat)   Myotis brandtii - Vulnerable
Whales & Dolphins    
Whale (minke)    
Common Dolphin    
Bottle-nosed dolphin    
Harbour Porpoise    
Wallaby Introduced  



There are 8 species of amphibians in the Uk.

  1. Newt (smooth)

  2. Newt (crested)

  3. Newt (palmate)

  4. Toad (common)

  5. Toad (natterjack)

  6. Frog (common)

  7. Frog (edible) Introduced species

  8. Frog (marsh) Introduced species


There are 6 species of reptile in the UK.

  1. Lizard (common or viviparous)

  2. Lizard (slow worm)

  3. Lizard (sand) now very rare

  4. Snake (grass)

  5. Snake (smooth)

  6. Snake (adder) The only poisonous snake in Britain


  1. Hedge brown

  2. Peacock

  3. Large Copper

  4. Chalkhill Blue

  5. Orange Tip

  6. Large white

  7. Small White

  8. Green veined white

  9. Wood White

  10. Brimstone

  11. Clouded Yellow

  12. Small Tortoiseshell

  13. Red Admiral

  14. White Admiral

  15. Comma

  16. Painted Lady

Extinct Animals of Britain

  1. Irish Elk (Before Roman times)

  2. Lynx (Before Roman Times)

  3. Aurochs (giant wild cattle) (Before Roman Times)

  4. Brown Bears (10th century)

  5. Wolf (England 16th century. Scotland & Ireland 18th century)

  6. Beaver (12th century)

  7. Wild Boar (18th century)



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