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Zoo Site Services

Welcome to the Zoo Site Services page. This page exists to provide a range of co-ordinated services to websites specialising in Zoo, Animal collections and related web sites and to list the best practices from the members of the Zoo site community.

The co ordinated Services Consist of the following facilities: mailing lists, webrings, links and forum.

Mailing List

There are two mailing lists. The UK Zoo mailing list and the Worldwide Zoo mailing list. Both have the same purposes but in order to make the lists manageable they have been split into two. If you work in the UK your should join the UK list as this will have UK specific information, and if you work anywhere else you should join the worldwide list, although you can join either or both lists.

The lists are open to anybody who works in a Zoo or animal collection (in any capacity), any connected organisation such as an environmental or conservation organisation or any individual interested in Zoology or conservation matters. If you fit any of these categories please join the list(s). We need your knowledge.

The topics of the list are very general at the moment and are really designed to ask and recieve answers to questions on any zoological matter. Potential subjects for discussion may include:

  1. Webmaster topics- promoting sites, detailing web site services available and how to make the most of them, requesting or announcing information on zoo websites.

  2. Animal Exchange- Act as a forum to notify of animals surplus to requirements and those wanted by various collections. Act as a clearing house for abandoned animals, whether rescued, obtained by customs or from individuals.

  3. Animal Problems- Act as a forum to share knowledge on Animal problems. This could include sharing experiences on vetinary, animal husbandry and breeding, animal behaviour etc. Lets put everyones knowledge to use.

  4. Visitor services- hints and tips on zoo visitor attractions. What works and what doesn't.

  5. Finances- Hints and tips on money generators, appeals and cost cutting ideas.

Just insert your e-mail address in the box(s) below and click on join e-groups. The mailing lists are very flexible you can recieve messages individually or in a daily digest and unsubscribe at any time. Please give the list a go and subscribe TODAY we need your knowledge.

Please also persuade your friends and colleagues in the Zoo to subscribe.

Subscribe to UK-Zoos
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Feel free to make use of all the list features. UK ZooMain Page and Worldwide Zoo Main Page
There you will find the following additional facilities: message archive, Chat room, Links and Polls.
You can also add a Promotion box (like the one(s) above) to your Zoo web site to help
Promote the UK Zoo or Promote the Worldwide Zoo list if you feel it is appropriate.

As a member of this list please add details of your site to the UK Zoo Links page or the Worldwide Zoo Links page so that members can easily view each others sites. Please ensure you state the contents of your site, any facilities such as message boards etc. that you offer.

There are many other Zoo related mailing lists that may be of interest to those interested in zoology. A directory of mailing lists appears on the following page.


In order to promote and boost traffic to your zoo website a number of webrings have been set up as follows:

For those of you who are not familiar with webrings they are easy and free to join and if they have enough sites are very good at increasing internet traffic to your site. They work on the principle that by linking similar sites together in a community, surfers who are interested in a subject can easily surf sites without effort, saving time and the constant use of search engines. If you want visitors to your site you really should join one of the above webrings.


Links And Promotion

Dont forget to get your site listed on all the following sites:

UK Zoo Directory (zoos and animal collections and related sites throughout the UK)

Free Zoo Links Page (zoos throughout the world)

Zoos Worldwide( Zoos throughout the world)

Good Zoo Guide Online (Zoos throughout the world)

Safari Parks (Zoos in the UK)

Please let us know of other useful links through the UK Zoo mail list Post or the Worldwide Zoo list

Zoo Forum

Community forum. Add this free Zoo forum (service now discontinued but looking for another suitable provider) to your site and let your visitors ask there questions (saving you time) in the forum. This forum can be added to any zoo or related website and can be customised to fit in with the design of your site. Messages posted on one site appear on all sites unless you want to specifically amend this option. So add a further visitor service to your site with minimal effort.


Useful Links




ZOO WEBMASTERS SECTION (Under construction)


Purpose of the Group

The list exists to allow all Zoo and related website owners (webmasters) to join together for mutual support, hints and tips.

The main purposes of the group are:

1. To improve all Zoo websites and help them make the most of their sites.

2. To increase internet traffic to these sites so that all our efforts in setting up and maintaining these sites does not go to waste.

3. To help webmasters save time and effort by passing on our hints and tips.

4. To bring to the attention of other webmasters new facilities and services that can be added to Zoo websites.

5. To discuss the merits of various web site services.


Coming Soon:

Over the coming months we hope to add the following sections to this page depending on the messages posted on the mail list:

  1. Concept - Hints and tips on what you are hoping to achieve with your site.

  2. Design - Hints and tips on design matters. (fonts, style, background images, navigation bars etc.)

  3. Tools and Services - Tools available on the web that will help you build, promote and add functions to your site. ( forums, guestbooks,classifieds, counters, links pages etc.)

  4. Promotion - Step by step process for promoting your Zoo site. (webrings, links, mailing lists, search engines etc.)