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Natural History Museums


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Founded in 1885, the collections include a section on natural history

Natural History Museum

Colchester This is a small museum housed in an unused church opposite Colchester Castle at the end of the High Street. The collection consists of exhibits of local wildlife.

Huntarian Museum (dept of Zoology)

Glasgow This museum is part of the Hunterian University. It is part of the campus. The museum has a few useful exhibits but being part of the University it is not a very user friendly museum. It's a pity it was moved to a more user friendly exhibition area. However, having said that it does have some interesting exhibits such as Koala Bear, Aye Aye etc.
Ipswich Museum Ipswich  

Natural History Museum,

London The collections number more than 68,000,000 specimens that are at the heart of the institution's world class scientific research, information services, education and exhibition activities.


Snibston Discovery Park Leics

Museum complex includes wildlife habitats.

Nature In Art

This museum is dedicated to art inspired by nature from around the world


This website is an information resource for people with an interest in museums. Whether you're an academic conducting research, a school contemplating an educational visit, or just looking for a good day out, this site is here to help.

Dinosaur Museum

The award winning dinosaur museum is unique. It is Britain's only museum solely devoted to dinosaurs. Fossils, skeletons and life size reconstructions combine with audio-visual displays.

Botanical Gardens Museum

Opened in 1995, the new exhibition gallery 'Southport Seaside Garden City' traces the first 200 years of Southport's history.


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